Wednesday, January 07, 2009

KAT - "Noce szatana"/"Ostatni Tabor" 10" Single

For who doesn't know KAT (which means EXECUTIONER in English) is a Polish band that had yours begins in 1979. They released a 7” Single in 1985 called "Noce Szatana"/"Ostatni Tabor" which was the very first real Metal 7” Single released in Poland. Pure Heavy Metal with satanic lyrics, they sing in Polish and it sounds well. In that time the line-up was: Roman Kostrzewski (vocals), Piotr Luczyk (guitar), Wojciech Mrowiec (guitar), Tomasz Jagus (bass) and Ireneusz Loth (Drums).
KAT is without any doubt the biggest and most important Metal band from Polish lands, they sold tons of albums and toured with such important bands as IRON MAIDEN, METALLICA, HELLOWEEN beside others. Now all the people who collect fantastic old vinyl can get this recording because it has been re-released as a 10” under the USA label “Nuclear War Now! Productions”. Unhappily I didn’t get the limited edition because it is sold out now but I got this one from my great friend Yosuke Konishi and it was formidable.
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