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SPECTRUS - The interview with Danillo (1994).

On the past 24th August 2008 I received an E-mail of Gisela Rocha who was one of the founders of the band, SPECTRUS, in 1984. She gave me some information about the band. She said that SPECTRUS played for 16 years and finished their activities in 2001. They got to throw an EP in CD with 4 tracks recorded in 1997 in the Studio "The Tribe" (São Paulo), entitled "Hard View Of The Future". she gave me other infos about herself and the band but now I will prepare an interview with Gisela to know something more of this band that crossed that diamond decade of 80. Now I will leave you with an interview I did in 1994 with Danillo for my old “Hallucination’Zine".

Hallucination’Zine – To start, tell me a little about the band’s early days…
Danillo- The band started in 1985, when everything was very difficult (totally Underground) and without support and any infra-structure. In 1987, the band stopped, due to lack of members willing to do a serious work. In 1992, SPECTRUS got back to work, going through every night club in São Paulo and also in some other Brazilian towns.

HZ- Why did you chose the name SPECTRUS?
Danillo- The name SPECTRUS is very strong for it comprises many forces of the Nature.

HZ- What is the true meaning of your demo’s cover?
Danillo- The cover of the demo is based on the song “The Grand Sea” and was made by a friend of ours who is a plastic artist.

HZ- Which bands were included in the “Scombrus” besides you?
Danillo- It’s was other Brazilian Rock bands.

HZ- How many gigs have you played until now and with which bands have you played?
Danillo- Lots and lots of them, with lots of bands, including some well-known ones like VIPER and HARPIA.

HZ- Do you have many supports from Mags like Rock Brigade?
Danillo- In 1993 we featured 7 issues of Rock Brigade and also some features on Top Rock and Dynamite (two Brazilian Mags both specialized in Heavy Rock)besides a huge number of ‘Zines. Now we’re starting to get some features published overseas (Belgium, England, Italy and now, Portugal.

HZ- What about Radio and TV shows, are any of them who support the Underground scene over there in Brazil?
Danillo- There are two great shows here in São Paulo called Comando Metal e Backstage, for whom we’ve recorded interviews and where how demo was played. There is also the promotion in other radio stations from other states and regions. (I hope I make myself clear, cause you can’t forget that Brazil is a huge country, so it’s a little different compared to Europe/Portugal. Things here are much more ‘regional’.

HZ- For which band would you like to open in a gig?
Danillo-I don’t consider myself in the position to open. We would like to play together with: AC/DC, KISS, IRON MAIDEN, METALLICA, DEEP PURPLE, VAN HALEN.

HZ- Do you know anything about Portuguese music, about the sound made in Portugal?
Danillo- To tell the truth, about Rock I don’t know anything, I know a lot about your country (socially, geographically and historically), since I lived in Germany for 13 months and I studied in an integration college with Portuguese people and we studied a little about Portugal. At that time, I even had a Portuguese accent. It was very cool. I made great friends.

HZ- Tell me a little about the Brazilian bands, which one do you consider the best and the worse bands, Zines, etc…
Danillo- There are many great bands rising. There is a large amount of them doing Death Metal (which I don’t like), cause it’s a trend, but with the right knowledge.
Worse Bands: Anyone which does things wrong and with no professionalism.
Best ‘Zines: It’s difficult to say, since there is a huge amount of them, for whom I hold a great deal of care and friendship and to mention some, I might forget others, which would make me very upset.
Worse ‘Zines: Anyone only into Death Metal.
Message: A great hug to the Portuguese people. I hope that we’ll be able to perform a great show for you soon. A super thank you, to my brother Fernando (see you soon). Thanks for everything. Until next time…


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This year I gave the whole world Heavy Metal for Christmas.

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