Monday, September 15, 2008


I became aware of this KISS Tribute after buying the Spanish Magazine “Heavy Rock” # 254. “Kiss Friends Project”, is the name of this Project that was founded by two brothers, Miguel and Diego, that from very early were influenced for one of the biggest Rock & Roll bands in the world, KISS. The music of this CD were played by 15 amateur musicians, recorded and mixed with amateur materials and the obtained result was very good. This is not a CD-R release, it is a Professional CD, released in 2005 and called “The Legends”. This CD has very interesting points, one of them for instance is the music, "Thrills in the night", sung by a feminine voice that it was very pleasant and also plenty original. But in my modest opinion the music that deserves a larger prominence is "Legends of Rock & Roll" because it is an original music of these young amateur musicians. I liked this music a lot and I know that all of you will also like. ATTENTION, this CD is not destined to have profits or economic benefit for the musicians, it is destined to honor a great group that gives for the name of KISS. This CD is composed by 10 musics: “Deuce”, “C’Mon & Love Me”, “Mr Speed”, “I Stole Your Love”, “I Was Made For Lovin’ You”, “I Love It Loud”, “Thrills In The Night”, “Domino”, “Legends of Rock & Roll” (Original track, not a cover-version), “God Gave Rock & Roll to You II”. This CD also include a bónus PC multimédia photo gallery track. The musicians that played in this tribute are the following ones: Miguel (bass, vocals & back vocals), Diego (guitar & back vocals), Jesus (drums), Jordi (drums), Tony (vocals & back vocals), Joan (drums & back vocals), Micky (vocals & back vocals), Christian (guitar & back vocals), Júlio (drums), Dani (vocals), Miguel Jr. (vocals), Noelia (vocals & back vocals), Sergi (keyboards), esteban (vocals) and Laura (keyboards). To close this article I should thank Miguel that sent me a promotional copy of this CD. Thank you very much, my new Spanish friend. LONG LIVE FOR KISS AND ALSO FOR KISS FRIENDS PROJECT. See you! To contact the band you can write for the following address: Miguel Arnaldo Garcia, Avda Castellar Nº 28, 08211 Castellar Del Vallés, Barcelona, España. E-mail:


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Looking for a copy of this cd. Physical or download. Any help is appreciated.

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